My Expertise

Multidisciplinary IT Professional


Network & Cisco Technologies

Enterprise Security

Windows Server

My Journey


Canadian Armed Forces

2003 - 2013

During my time in the Canadian Forces, I served as an Air Force Supply Technician.…


TriOS College

2014 - 2016

At TriOS College I undertook an IT Professional course. During this course I was able…


Personal Development

2016 - Present

I took this time to pursue further education and be home with my family. During…


Business Owner

2022 - Present

As a newer business owner its been both rewarding and challenging. On one hand I'm…

Blog Posts:

March 1, 2023

Crypto Currency

I was into crypto currency for a little while and invested into Bitcoin as well as Dogecoin, Etherium, and a few others. For the most part I didn't make that…
March 1, 2023

Shooting Sports!

Sport shooting, also known as target shooting, is a popular activity that involves using firearms to hit stationary or moving targets. It has been around for centuries and has grown…
March 1, 2023

Electric Vehicles

So I got my first EV almost a year ago, so here is my year in review! I purchased a Chevy Bolt last year when there was crazy demand for…

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